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Monday, February 16, 2009

The Problem with William Norman Grigg

By writing "the problem with William Norman Grigg," I'm really talking about the problem with the American voting public. Because there's absolutely nothing wrong with my friend Will Grigg.

He's got a problem, though. You can read his phenomenal blog Pro Libertate and get the wrong idea if you don't understand the world and the way he goes about describing the problems in it.

Will Grigg's problem can be likened to an old high school gym class where everyone in the class is ordered by the phys-ed teacher to make three laps around the school track. After the second lap, the fastest runners are approaching the slowest, overweight runners (the latter was me in junior high, but not by high school).

A person just taking a first look at the track might mistake those fast athletes as being behind the fat, slow runners, and maybe even running slower.

That fast runner is Will Grigg. His blog is so far ahead of other blogs he sometimes looks like he's behind the times, or perhaps not even aware of the times.

What I mean by that is that he's writing about issues right now such as a possible draft, Republican fascism, and the increasing militarization and federalization of police. And most people have no idea what they have to do with their lives right now.

Most people are instead interested in reading about the current economic crisis, and how much worse it's going to get. That's what is impacting their lives right now.

But that's not the way Will Grigg's blog works. He was writing about the housing bubble back in 2004 (and his book America's Engineered Decline covered this subject back in 2004). And he called the shots right five years before anyone else did. In truth, he'd be the fast kid on the track that had already lapped the slow runners a couple of times.

So why, he reasons, should he cover this material again? After all, if the reader wasn't paying attention when they could have acted to prevent this calamity, what reason would he have to repeat what he had written five years earlier?

Right now, he's writing about other preventable calamities. Maybe we should all listen now, even if he's writing about subjects nobody else is concerned about.



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