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Friday, November 10, 2006

Gay State Legislators Take a Dive!

The Massachusetts legislature did what we all expected, and I predicted on the Marriage Amendment this week. Here's a copy of a letter I sent to "Vote On Marriage" after the legislature decided to postpone a vote in July. It's pretty self-explanatory:

From: Tom Eddlem [teddlem@verizon.net]
Sent: Thursday, July 13, 2006 4:54 PM
To: 'info@voteonmarriage.org'
Subject: I'm with you but...

...are you delusional? Your e-mail today stressing:
We have much to
celebrate in that during the Constitutional Convention in 2002, only 53
legislators voted against an unconstitutional adjournment of the session. This
time around, 91 legislators voted against the recessing of the convention.
... is a serious detachment from reality. Celebrate!?! Are you serious?

This is the second time the legislature has done this to us.

geniuses who put up this year's petition declared the best course would be to
undertake the exact same strategy that failed spectacularly in 2002. "They
wouldn't dare," proponents told me as I signed the petition, "to deny the people
a vote this time."

"Yeah, right," I sarcastically replied as I signed
the petition anyway.

Yesterday proved there is one thing the
Massachusetts legislature does not lack: daring.

Why are conservatives
so retarded? Why do we so predictably beat our heads against a wall using
strategies that the average junior high school student knows can't succeed?

Yet the stupidity is so thick that I wonder if we'll have yet another
wasted multimillion dollar effort on an initiative petition. (I can hear it now:
"This time they really, really won't dare!")

When all else fails, follow
the directions. In this case, the directions are in the state constitution. If
the Supreme Judicial Courts are usurping the powers of the legislature (and they
did with the Goodridge decision), then get the legislature to use their
constitutional powers to remove the judges. If the legislature won't do that,
then vote out the legislators! Duh!

How about following the directions?

Best wishes,

Tom Eddlem


Honestly, working in politics with conservatives is like being Yosemite Sam against Bugs Bunny, with Bugs drawing a line in the sand and daring Yosemite Sam "You wouldn't dare to step over this line!" again and again. And just like Bugs Bunny in the cartoon, today's political Bugs has a plan to win the battle.

Man, conservatives are so dumb!