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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Welcome to Massachusetts, the Pedophiles' Paradise

The news in this morning's newspaper has created a progressively rising rage inside me.

The story, in today's Taunton Gazette, reports that a four-year-old child going to the bathroom in a supermarket bathroom in a neighboring town was molested by a 71-year-old employee. That's not what's got me mad, though I suppose it should be enough.

The story goes on: Seeing the employee's hand rising higher and higher on his child's leg, the father stepped in, broke into the employee's stall, and punched him out.

Hooray for the father, right? Wrong, if you are the Raynham, Mass. police department. They charged the father with a crime, and didn't even arrest the pedophile (like the father, he was given a "summons" to court so that he wouldn't have to be arrested).

In sum, here's what happened in my neighboring town:
  • A child was molested
  • The child molester was set free to molest others
  • The father who stopped the molestation is being charged with a crime.
Welcome to Massachusetts, the Pedophile's Paradise, where no good deed goes unpunished.

Ordinarily, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has a different way of dealing with pedophiles. Cops arrest the criminals, give them a bed in the county lockup for the night and a breakfast in the morning before the court hearing. Then the judges set them free.

That's what happened with former Taunton, Mass. police officer David W. Smith, who confessed in 2005 to raping his nine-year-old nightly for a year. He was arrested, spent a few months in prison awaiting trial, and then was set free in a plea bargain that gave him no prison time, protected his pension and guaranteed he'll never have to register as a sex offender.

I've long been an advocate for the police by noting that it's not the police's fault they can't do anything but serve as an overnight stay for pedophiles in Massachusetts. It's the corrupt combination of judges and prosecutors that have caused the Pedophiles' Paradise, helped in part by the idiotic rantings of state representatives like James Fagan (D-Taunton).

But the Raynham Police Department in this case didn't even make the pedophile go through the inconvenience of spending a night in jail. Now, I recognize that it's possible that this "alleged" molester is innocent and that I'm interpreting this story wrong because the Taunton Gazette got their facts wrong. I've been a newspaper reporter, and I've reported on events where two other reporters from two other papers were reporting on the same event as me. Often it looked like we had attended three separate meetings. But there's no way the police would charge this guy with a crime if they thought he was innocent. So there's no excuse for setting him free to prey on other children ... even if it is for a single night.

And then they charged the only one in this case did something to stop the pedophile, a parent who was doing nothing more than protecting his kid. That was also inexcusable.

But it's just another step toward what passes for "progress" in Massachusetts. Massachusetts doesn't punish molesters; it punishes people who stop molesters.

It makes me long for vigilantes to rise up. It makes me hate what passes for "law" here. It even makes me sympathize with violent revolutionaries, something I've never done in my life.

But we don't need vengeance in Massachusetts.

We need something far more radical.

We need a day of reckoning.